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Patric Mclean

Producer/Dj/Sound designer@csGASRecords

So welcome back to my producer tips #03.

I have been thinking about my system in the studio and why it sounds so tight, I spent a lot of time doing room treatment and control just to get the sound right.

Before this happened though I referenced through 4 speaker systems bouncing my music from one to the other to see what the difference was and aiming for a similar sound on all with obvious model make and size compensation. This was a great way to learn your room I eventually fitted bass traps and Diffusers to break my recording area down and direct the sound I’m hearing to specific frequencies high and low (that’s why my Basses sound great tight and right)

So try “if you’re on a budget” this simple exercise. Buy yourself some really crappy speakers, don’t get carried away but make sure they play and sound normally just don’t expect them to sound fab.

Play some of your fave tunes on these speakers (both sets) and home in on the sweet spots of each making notes of where the ranges are and what sounds like what on whichever speaker.

Whilst recording switch between the speakers and reference the sweet spots as above doing all your eq’ing compressing and Whatever relevant processing you are doing, my motto is if you get your sound right on dirty speakers its generally going to be ok on those fantastic monitors of yours.

So I spent a lot of my time referencing in my early years of production, if anything it teaches you what you don’t like and a lot of cases tells you what do, it’s not the be all and end all but it’s a great starting point for you young budding producer/Engineers.

Good luck all till next time.



Patric Mclean

Producer/Dj/Sound designer@csGASRecords