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Music Production Courses

Introduction to producing music with Cubase.

Brikworx studio offer excellent music production services that cater for individual artists and groups.

Our one on one courses are taloired for the specific individual needs of our clients, and to what or where they need to get to in calm and comfortable surroundings, the music production course is an excellent way to become part of what’s becoming one of the most saught after training in modern day music.But all outlets can be catered for.All tutors are are fully quallified and have over 20 yrs experience in music tuition’ music technology’ and music production, and it all takes place in the new Brikworx studio with access to an extensive sample base’ the best plug-ins.


Music Technolodgy is taught on pc based sytems running:

  • Cubase 4/5/6/7

  • Ableton

Cubase Course 


Cubase Course - Beginners consists of.

Learning MIDI sequencing

Structuring your beats, working with bars, tempo & time signature

What are virtual instruments (VST's) in Cubase?

Recording using midi in Cubase

Start Drum Programming

Using the vst drum machines to make Beats in Cubase.

Edit using midi: quantizing, & velocity

The key editor in Cubase

How to add that 'live' feel to your rhythm track

Session 3: Creating Percussion & Beat-Making Techniques

The Cubase drum editor

Adding "swing" and "shuffle" to your beats

Tips and tricks.

Chords & MIDI Plug-ins

Music theory: notes, octave, tone & semi tone

About scales and chords

Cubase MIDI plug-ins: how to use Chorder


Use of compression treating and creation of different types of bass sounds and how to use them

Creating a bassline to follow your chords

Recording and editing a bassline in Cubase.

6 weeks or a 6 session intensive course for begginners.





Please contact us for details or to arrange a studio meeting.

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