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Music Production & Sound Engineering "avanced"

Music production & Sound engineering "Advanced"

Brikworx Studio

This is an advanced production course, teaching you techniques that would be of use for those that feel they know all the basics but want to progress into Subjects like: Compression, Sound scaping, Working with 5.1, Stereo imaging Audio processing and sound shaping' using Gating, Limiting, and eq’s.

You will also be tackling mic control recording audio & patching and plugging, working with vocals in a studio environment and build ideas.

There is lots more on this advanced course please call to book an appointment to discuss.

Prices start from £25ph cheaper by the block booking; there are 6 full sessions in total at less the hourly cost if booked and payed in advance for the full 6 sessions.

Each session is for 1.15 hours                                        

In the studio with you and the engineer / tutor...

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